Why the name SCRED?

For almost 18 months my M15 had no name.  Nothing ‘struck my fancy’.  Over the years I have named a few boats.  These craft were named quickly.   Of note are the series of tenders named for my dog – SASSY.  Sassy loved boats.  Her number one activity, besides being on the ‘main ship’, was a dingy ride.  As a result the tenders were called Sassy’s.

As I thought about ‘the name’ for my M15 many came to mind.  Sassy’s was an early front runner, but the ‘reason’ for the name didn’t exist.  Another was Kelp Catcher as during my first sails/trips in 2006 #288 seemed to do an excellent job of capturing kelp with her rudder.  In the end nothing ‘stuck’ and M15 #288 remained ‘nothing but her number’.

I have always been an Saturday Night Live (SNL) and Muppets fan.  Because of medial issues in Jan./Feb./March 2008 I watched the SNL season #1 DVDs.  When one has a lot of time when one can’t do anything but ‘sit’ one will watch a lot of movies/shows.   I  saw the “The Land of Gorch” skits and the name of one of the characters ‘stuck’ = SCRED

For more information about the Muppet named Scred see –


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