Favorite links and books

Links to my FAVORITE sailboat sites:

Montgomery Sailboat Owners Group Photo Site – http://www.msogphotosite.com/

  • The site is filled with pictures of owner’s and the personal projects done to repair, renew and improve the Mboats.  Click here to visit Scred’s page.

Montgomery Sailboat Owners Group (MSOG) – http://msog.org/

  • MSOG is the sister site to the MSOG photo site.  MSOG also contains pictures and projects.   Host of a current list of Mboats for sale (or is is sail?).  Also host of the email discussion group about Mboats (registration link)

Trailer Sailer ‘Montomery Sailboats’ Forum – http://bbs.trailersailor.com/forums/montgomery/index.cgi 

  • forum is new (created on 10 October 2008).  The forum’s stated purpose is, “… an open forum for discussing anything pertaining to Montgomery sailboats.”

Sage Marine – http://www.sagemarine.com

  • Builder of the Sage 17, Sage Marine is the only boat manufacturer endorsed to build the boats of Jerry Montgomery.  Sage 17 is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass, weights 1300#, and is rigged as a 7/8th fractional sloop.  The boat is 16’10” overall and has more interior room than an M17.  She is faster than the M15 & M17, has a higher ballast to displacement ratio (40%) and can carry more sail as the wind speed increases. 

Magic Harbor – https://sv-swallow.com/2019/12/08/magic-harbor/

  • This self published book comes from the ‘early days’ of the Internet.  A collection of short stories by a Don Berry about living as a ‘water rat’ on Puget Sound.  I found this ‘book’ back in 1995 or 1996 when I was ‘exploring the Internet.’  This writing has since been a favorite.  Here is more about Don’s life works preserved on the Internet Wayback Machine – https://web.archive.org/web/20110809152010/http://www.donberry.com/main.html

Small Craft Advisor – http://www.smallcraftadvisor.com/

  • This is the www-site of the magazine of the same name.  The mag is a great resource for those that like trailerable boats (focus on sailboats). 

Boat Owners Association of the United States (aka BoatUS) – http://boatus.com

  • The Association’s boat insurance provides great coverage at very reasonable rates.  When I shopped for Scred’s insurance I found BoatUS costs to be 1/4 other insurance companies’.

Bearing Buddy – http://www.bearingbuddy.com/

  • These are a must have for your boat’s trailer.

Suggested Sailing Books:

Anything by Tristan Jones.  My favorite of his books is The Incredible Voyage – sailing the lowest and highest bodies of water on the earth … WHAT a story and story teller!  Long live Sea Dart –

  • For many years she was in the possession of the State of Idaho and was used for boater education. In 2017, after many years of just sitting in storage unused, she was given to the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend. Sea Dart was then sold to a private party. The hope is she is being reconditioned and will sail again.

Handbook of Trailer Sailing by Robert F. Burgess (International Marine/McGraw-Hill).

Sailing America: a trailer sailer’s guide to north america by Larry Brown (Seven Seas Press).

Sailing Alone Around the World by Captain Joshua Slocum.

Dove by Robin Lee Graham.

Adrift by Steven Callahan

The many books by Lin and Larry Pardey. I especially recommend the books that cover their around the world trip on the Lyle Hess designed Seraffyn.

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