About the Past Owner SCRED

I enjoy my boat and wish I could spend more time sailing than working.


For years i’ve sailed.  My folks begin the family sailing adventures in the middle ’70s.  This was done through a club that taught sailing and sold ‘time’ on their fleet of boats – Neptunes and Macgregors.  The family also did some rentals of larger boats (mostly Catalinas) in the Washington State and Canadian San Juan Islands.  In the early 80’s my folks purchased a Cheoy Lee 32 (1979 manufacture).  This boat stayed in the family for just over ten years.

After I finished my years of college I worked in Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, eastern Washington and Ohio.  During this time I did not sail … but the bug would bite at times and I would think about getting a trailerable sailboat.  When in Minnesota I inspected a Montgomery 15 in a boat yard.

In mid-2006 I returned to the Seattle area to be close to my family.  Additionally I wanted to return to the mountains and waters to again enjoy my ‘out of doors’ hobbies.  I quickly started a search for a boat.  The stars were in alignment and after only a few months i found the M15 that would become my Scred.

Besides sailing I have the following interests –

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