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M15 #288 was built by Jerry Montgomery in 1984.

I sold M15 #288, once known as Scred, in June of 2009.  As far as I know she remains a member of the Rockstroh family of Friday Harbor, WA, on San Juan Island, in the San Juan Islands.

I only sold SCRED due to purchase of a M17.  (Click HERE to visit my M17’s www-page.)

Details on #288, M15s, trips, pictures, and thoughts during her time with me are available for your review by clicking on the categories above image of Scred.

Jerry Montgomery built about 500 M15s before he closed Montgomery Marine Products in the early 1990s.  Jerry has no affiliation with the current builder of the Montgomery 15 and asked his name be removed from the boat and ‘company’ … a person thinking of purchasing a new M15 should ask himself, ‘why does Jerry have nothing to do with the current builder?’